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Are you looking to go camping in your van? There is nothing better than hitting the road, searching for a great campsite on back roads, and driving along scenic highways to get to National Parks. The hardest part about any trip, isn’t being on the trip, it’s the leaving. Whether you are cruising along in your own converted Sprinter or Transit camper van or renting an adventure van from a company like Sprinter Utah Rentals, here are a few hacks for van camping.


Keep Your Camper Van Organized


Organization is key for any road trip, especially so if you will be living in the van for a while. With an adventure buddy living on the road with you, things can get a little cramped inside of your camper van.




That is the most important aspect of any road trip in a van, here are tips to staying organized while on the road.



Easy Van Life Organizational Tips:


  • Pick up after yourself: don’t say you’ll get to it later, clean up quickly so your tiny, mobile home doesn’t get too cluttered

  • Use storage bins: there isn’t a lot of shelving in most van builds, so storing and organizing gear in bins can make the space seem larger

  • Roll your clothes: rolling your clothes can help you save on space in the cabinets that you do have

  • Use garment bags and stuff sacks: this will help you organize your clothing, keep it separate from your adventure buddies, and allow you to quickly grab a bag that has only what you need in it without having to search through stacked clothing


Camper Van Kitchen Gear


Living in a moving vehicle can get a little dicey when it comes to your kitchen supplies, especially if you are in the habit of driving down washboard backroads. Despite having cabinets that down come open, even on the worst of roads, glass or ceramic plates/cups are risky when in the backcountry. Instead, invest in good plastic, wood, or metal camping utensils to fill your Sprinter or Transit camper van with.


Whether you forget to secure your gear before driving to a remote trailhead, or drop a plate while cooking, you won’t have to worry about shattered glass, just some spilled food.

Use reusable water bottles! Waste less single-use plastic, lessen your chance of spilling something, and have a great water bottle to put epic stickers on. Have more to sip on during a long drive, or to take on a hike. Forget about cups at the campsite, just use your water bottle to save on cupboard space.




Adding small details to your Sprinter or Transit camper van like hooks, magnets, and more can really bring the build together. Some of these additions you wouldn’t really think about until you realize how handy they are. Creating a build, you think of the main features, but really sets a build apart is the attention to fine detail.


Maybe you are someone who wears a hat often, or it’s a little chilly or rainy and you need to hang up your coat. Where can you put these things? Adding hooks or pegs can raise the standard of living in your adventure van.


Non-slip matts like you would put underneath a rug in your home can also be incredibly helpful. Placing them in your cabinets so that food and other supplies don’t slide around while on washboard back roads will give you peace of mind.


Outdoor VS Indoor Rugs


Adding a rug outside of your van to clean your feet on before entering can save you the headache of having to constantly clean your van. You don’t want sandy feet in your home, so why would you in your home on wheels. Of course, living on the road gets dirty, so adding a small runner to your van can make things feel homier and cleaner.


Camper Van


Owning a camper van, whether you live out of it, or use it on the weekends, is all about making it your own. Adding small details can seem trivial, but they go a long way when you are on the road for even just a few days.


Whether you built your own van, or are having someone build one for you, remember that the small details are just as important as the big ones.

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