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Custom Recreational Vans

Your Van, Your Way. Work with our design team to turn your Sprinter or Transit into the adventure-mobile you are looking for. 

Why Go Custom

Whether you are looking for a full custom camper van, a partial build, or a specialty design, VanBuilders can work with you to engineer a layout that suits your adventurous side. If you want something a little more personalized than one of our ProBuild layouts, VanBuilders can work with you to create a fully custom build. Each custom build does come with an additional design cost, even if you are just moving cabinetry around, as any change in placement of internal objects changes the entire van layout. Whether you are looking for a motocross van, a full camper, a transporter for your adventure-sport gear, or just walls and a bed, VanBuilders has you covered.

What We Do:

  • Fully Customized Camper Layouts
  • Minimalist Builds
  • Adventure Specific Van Layouts
  • And More

View Our Custom Builds

Home-On-Wheels Aesthetic

For those looking for a fully equipped camper van with everything needed for a weekend (or life) on the road

Minimalist Builds

Minimalist designs for light use, family trips, or adventurers looking to max out space

Getting Started

Turning Your Unique Vision into Reality

Get Started

Pitch Us Your Idea

Tell us what you are looking for; a custom camper, a van to haul your adventure bikes, a transport van that becomes a camper on the weekends.

Your Van

You can either provide us with your Sprinter or Transit, or we can assist you by working with our dealership partners to source you one.

Work With Us

Our design team will work with you over the next few weeks to figure out how to best turn your vision into a finished design. Custom builds take time to design properly, and you will be charged a design fee as we continue to develop your personalized build.

Design Time

As we work on your camper van design, a price estimate will be created for you build that will include the design fee. The four-week design process will include all known components discussed during our initial meetings. Design elements and components added throughout the process are price additive and may affect delivery times. Every effort will be made to be efficient and timely.

Approve The Layout

Once we have a build layout that suits your vision, a firm price will be published, and we are ready to move forward.

Down Payment

The down payment due at the beginning of the build process will include our design fee, and minimum purchase requirements for long lead, specialty items and any return/restocking fees. This payment is not refundable if the project is canceled.


We will keep you updated throughout the entire build process on any changes or questions that we have.


The rest of the payment is due at this time, then we will give you a walk-through of the build, showing you how everything works before you head off on your first adventure.