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About Us

Adventure is part of everything we do at VanBuilders, and we believe you need the perfect ride to get you there.

Based out of Salt Lake City, Utah, our purpose is creating camper and work vans that will take you far beyond where you need to go. We have spent years testing, researching, and perfecting designs so that you don’t have to. The most difficult part of any project is the months of research spent figuring out just how to execute it. You can’t become a plumber, electrician, carpenter, and mechanic overnight, but thankfully you don’t have to. Our designers and technicians have years of experience under their belts and are ready to get to work turning your Sprinter or Transit into a vehicle that won’t let you down, no matter what you throw at it.

VanBuilders began from humble beginnings, upfitting cargo vans for businesses as a part of Warner Vans of Utah and has since evolved into much more than that. Over the years VanBuilders has grown from a custom upfitter for commercial vans, and has added custom camper van builds, pre-designed adventure van layouts, and aftermarket accessory installations to its resume.

Carefully Designed With Your Needs In Mind

VanBuilders upfits Sprinter and Transit vans into epic camper vans and commercial work horses. With a selection of layout designs and custom solutions, you will find everything you need in one place.

One Stop Shop

VanBuilders is part of a Van Center with Warner Vans of Utah, where customers can get nearly anything van related. New vans, used vans, rentals, vehicle-manufacture warranty builds, accessories, van services, cleaning, or anything else. Simply drop off your vehicle or find one here, and we have the solution.

Higher Quality Builds

VanBuilders follows a strict ISO 9001 Quality Control System, allowing each and everything we do to be top of the line. This system leaves no room for error as every step of our system is checked and re-checked to ensure the highest quality.


To speak with our sales team:

  • Send us a message through Build Your Van
  • Give us a call: 385-252-5060
  • Or visit our showroom: 5544 W 2400 S #400, West Valley City, Utah 84120