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How much does it cost to build your camper van out of a Sprinter or Transit? That is the one of the most asked questions for someone looking to have their van converted into a camper van. Of course, price varies between companies based off quality, reputation, product, and more.


Prices from VanBuilders for Sprinter and Transit camper van builds can cost $25k-130k for custom work, and between $80k-110k for our soon to arrive pre-designed camper vans. The price on custom work varies greatly depending on what you are looking for. For a basic build with walls/floor/ceiling, electrical, and a bed, it can be on the lower end, but as you add elements for a full camper van build, the price will increase. A build with all of the works, custom cabinetry, finishing, lighting, etc. will reach the higher end of the scale. Adding on aftermarket accessories such as suspension, roof racks, solar panels, and more also adds to the price fluctuations.

VanBuilders Custom Sprinter Camper Van In Wasatch

Sprinter Camper Van In Mountains


How To Understand The Cost Of A Van Build


Companies with a solid reputation as a brand, who have been around a little while, and who follow strict quality guidelines like an ISO program often have a higher price. This should not deter you. Companies such as VanBuilders that follow these programs follow quality guidelines to increase the repeatability of what they do and increase the longevity of their camper van builds lifespan.

VanBuilders Custom Sprinter Camper Van

Sprinter Camper Van outside VanBuilders


Repeatability of a product helps with servicing it. Having a strict code of quality for what you have done to create a camper van build, allows a company to produce a product that will not break down, and if the unexpected arises, immediately go through their procedure to service the product.

Creating builds of this high quality, following a program like an ISO helps create a product that will last. These programs ensure that a company does not exceed the GVWR or drastically change the vehicles center of gravity. The wear on these camper van builds will be lower as the company, like VanBuilders, follows these standards. Not all companies follow those guidelines, smaller shops that create aesthetically pleasing builds do not often consider the weight issue.

Technician Working On Sprinter Camper Van

Technician Working On Sprinter Camper Van


You are investing in not only a van and camper build, but your future memories. Consider a van build of high quality the same as any investment. You want a great product that will last a long time and give you a great ROI. A high-quality product, with a great warranty, that follows ISO quality guidelines, will meet those investment needs.


A lot goes into turning your Sprinter or Transit into the ultimate adventure camper van. Companies like VanBuilders host entire teams of specialists who have dedicated their lives to their craft. The van conversion process does not just end with the initial sales contact, it passes to our skilled engineer/designer, who creates a design for a van. Fitting everything you need into such as small space takes a lot of forethought. The slightest variation in design, one small, last-minute addition to the van can create thoughtful re-designs. From there the project is passed to the hands of our skilled craftsmen.

High Quality Technician Working On Sprinter Camper Van

Technician Working On Sprinter Camper Van


Our staff are specialists, with backgrounds in engineering, electrical work, welding, carpentry, plumbing, and more. You would not expect the carpenter building your cabinetry to fix a leaky pipe in your kitchen, and neither do we. Fitting all of the qualities of a home into a van takes precision, something that a crew of skilled technicians excels at.


Get the Most Out of Your Sprinter or Transit Camper Build


The cost of a camper van build includes the entire process from initial contact to the finished product. A staff of experts, great communication during updates on the build process, high quality standards, and the best designing in the business all add up to the cost of a camper van build.

Although prices vary between companies, understanding how the pricing is broken down, and what quality practices are included in that price are important to understand before contacting a van conversion company like VanBuilders.

Custom Sprinter Camper Van in Mountains by VanBuilders

Sprinter Camper Van in Wasatch Mountains


A camper van is an investment in yourself and your future, working with a company that puts such a high value on quality through their staff and procedures makes your investment a great one.

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