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Looking to have your Sprinter or Transit turned into an epic camper van? Choose which van you want, and check out VanBuilders layout options. We offer ProBuild configurations for 144 and 170 High Roof Sprinters and 148 High Roof Transit vans.

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Your home base for weekend adventures, van life, or long vacations wherever the road can take you.

Adopt A Native Elder

Each ProBuild sold by VanBuilders will come equipped with a custom rug from Adopt A Native Elder, a non-profit organization focused on aiding Navajo Elders who still live a traditional lifestyle. Each traditional rug is woven by a Navajo Elder, with 100% of the proceeds from the rug sale returning back to that Elder to support themselves and their family. Each van sale also comes with the donation of yarn, so that the Elder can continue to practice their traditional ways and support themselves without worry about where they will get the materials for the next rug. For more information on Adopt A Native Elder and their program, visit their website.


Each standard is designed to fit any adventurers needs. We have used our years of experience creating custom camper and adventure vans at VanBuilders to design ProBuild layouts that have everything you’ll need for the road ahead. Our standards offer all the innovative touches of custom builds, and the attention to detail of passionate craftsman, at a faster timeline.

Custom VanBuilders Studebaker

Designed For Adventure

Our camper vans are built to take you wherever you want to go. Built in 4×4 Sprinters, and AWD Transits, VanBuilders camper vans offer you both a home-on-wheels, and an adventure rig fit for any expedition. We’ve thought of everything, so you don’t have to.

Whatever ProBuild layout you choose, VanBuilders puts painstaking care in every detail, making sure each build is tough as nails, and complete with all the little personal touches that make a van feel like home.

ProBuilds are pre-designed, lowering the design costs and added lead times associated with custom projects.

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With Looks to Kill

Choose your van, choose your build, choose your color, and then hit the road. We offer design options for both Sprinters and Transits so that you can match your adventurous spirit with a camper van that suits your needs. Need more? Add aftermarket accessories like roof racks, bumpers, and more to turn your camper van into an over-landing machine.

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