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So, you’re looking to convert your Sprinter or Transit into an adventure van. As a custom upfitter, we’ve seen our fair share of design layouts. Whether you are looking to have your van converted by a professional company, or DIY, here are a few ideas to inspire you.

Home Is Where You Park It Aesthetic

This fully kitted out home-on-wheels aesthetic can take you anywhere with all of the comforts of home. With a full kitchen, bed, running/hot water, power, and plenty of storage, you can kick it in the backcountry for a few days while you camp, bike, hike, and have a good time.

Seats and Sleeps 2

The ‘Should We Visit the National Parks In One Year?’

Built with a bed that rises out of the way when you need extra room, or to store gear when you’re out on a hike. Add in the two person seat with storable table, floor to ceiling cabinet equipped with a microwave, and you’re ready to be a true road warrior.

The Adventure Mobile

For those looking for something a little simpler, with enough room to pack your mountain bikes, paddle board, or gear for whatever adventure sport you are into.

Seats and Sleeps 2

Built in a Sprinter 144 HR

Minimalist Adventure Mobile

If you are someone who doesn’t need a whole lot except for storage space, a minimalist build is the right option for you. Options available with and without a Trail Kitchen.

Sleeps and Seats 2

Sprinter 144 HR

Minimalist Van For The Whole Family

If you own a passenger van and need a simple upfit to take the family out on adventures during the weekends, the Basecamp series is the right layout for you. With a utility box that stores a battery, water kit, and more, you can head out for minimalist adventures with up to 6 people. This build features a 4 person bench seat, and 2 bunks. When all the adventuring is done, you can easily convert it back into a passenger van by restoring the bench seats to their original places.

Sleeps and Seats 6


Choosing to work with a professional upfitter like VanBuilders can give you the peace of mind that can only come with not having to run your own electrical system. With years of experience in custom adventure van creation for Sprinter vans, we have seen it all. From minimalist layouts, to full on tiny-home camper vans, VanBuilders has run the gambit. We have built overlanding beasts, and vans made to cruise the open roads between National Parks. What will you choose?

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