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Upgrading your business is an investment, but it is not just an investment in things, it is an investment in your company and its worth. Whether you are upgrading your office space, or sending employees off to a seminar, you are investing in your company’s future. The same can be said for your company’s vehicle. Upfit a Mercedes Benz Sprinter or Ford Transit van with everything you need to make your business thrive.


Investing in a van build can dramatically change how you operate your business, improving your efficiency, mobility, and opening up new opportunities.


Whether you are a plumber or electrician looking for maximized storage space and add tools to make the heavy lifting a breeze, a production company looking for a transport van to haul employees and gear, or a grocery store/restaurant transporting food, there is an option for you.

Upfit companies like VanBuilders can offer you everything from shelving packages, seating, flooring/walls/ceiling, aftermarket accessories, and even custom work. Working on Mercedes Benz Sprinters and Ford Transits, VanBuilders is here to help connect your business with the future.




Building out a Transit or Sprinter van adds value to it, a value that adds worth to your business. By using products that work as hard as you do, a van build company like VanBuilders can maximize the life of your new work van. With robust shelving and flooring packages that will stand the test of time and hard labor, the internal components of the van might just last longer than the van itself. This will greatly increase the re-sell value of your vehicle.


It also adds ease to your workday. Whether you are a carpenter in need of a work vehicle upgrade, or a restaurant/caterer who finds the need to transport food more efficiently, you can increase your efficiency, and peace of mind with a Transit or Sprinter upgrade.

Investing in your business with a van upfit increases your excitement, your efficiency, your organization, and the value of your business.


Transit and Sprinter Van Build Options


A company like VanBuilders can help guide your business to where it needs to go. Working with durable products from companies like Ranger Design, Legend Fleet Solutions, Weather Guard, and more, VanBuilders can upfit your Sprinter or Transit to last.


Many vocational craftsmen, such as plumbers, electricians, and carpenters, are primarily looking for efficiency and organization with a product that will take a beating. VanBuilders can get you to where you need to go with durable shelving packages that will work as hard as you do. If you are in need of a custom solution, such as a hoist to pick up augers or other heavy tools, VanBuilders has you covered there too.


VanBuilders also offers custom solutions for commercial van builds. If you are in need of a specialty build for your business, VanBuilders can help design and execute a van build to get you the services you need. Having worked on vans for production companies in need of extra power and seating, drone pilots looking to add a flight platform from the back of their van, grocery stores looking to keep food and flowers cool while out on deliveries, and more, VanBuilders can be trusted to work with your business.


VanBuilders even works with fleets if you are looking to upgrade a number of vehicles to fit your business needs.


Sprinter And Transit Aftermarket Accessories


Some companies need a little extra to help them do their jobs the right way. VanBuilders also is a dealer for many aftermarket accessories. If you are using your van in the cooler months and need insulation and a heater, VanBuilders can install those for you. If you need an AC, awning, and windows, VanBuilders has you covered. Roof racks to hold spare gear. Suspension to smooth out the ride. A bumper and winch to get you out of sticky situations. VanBuilders can do that.


Trust VanBuilders to create a van build for your Sprinter or Transit. Improve your business and your work efficiency with a company you can trust.


Give VanBuilders a call to see how they can add value to your business.

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