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Whether it’s going out to eat, or buying new outdoor gear, we’re always searching for the best bang for our buck. We want great value in everything we buy, from an Ikea bookshelf to a used car. There is a mental checklist in all our heads of what tasks that purchase needs to accomplish before it kicks the bucket. We want the most out of everything we buy.


Van upfits are no different.

VanBuilders Commercial Upfit Van

Commercial Upfit In Process


Reserarching Upfit Parts Is Important


Paying for products that are going to complete your checklist, and add a couple more ticks to boot, may not always be the most inexpensive option, but it will always be the option that has the best value.


Outfitting your van, whether it is your work vehicle or #vanlife home, shouldn’t be done with products merely because they don’t cost that much. Weigh the durability and longevity of the product vs. the cost itself. Some products are not worth the hassle and will be damaged before you can get enough use out of them to make them worth it.


If you use the right products, your upfit might outlast the van itself. That’s where research, and trained professionals, can give you the upper hand.


Van upfits don’t always have to be on your own, doing the research is always rewarding experience, but there are reliable professionals out there who have the knowledge to create an adventure rig, or work vehicle that has the best value for you.


Starting a project this big can be daunting, and you might not have the ability or knowledge to accomplish the various plumbing, electrical, and installation work needed to fully upfit a van.

You don’t have to wade through the vast ocean that is the internet yourself, there are companies out there who have probably already figured out solutions to your problems.

VanBuilders Camper Van Conversion

Sturdy Van Life Build


Professionals Can Get You The Value You Need


The van upfit business is growing, with new mom and pops opening all over the country. Stalwart Utah companies like us at VanBuilders have the knowledge to convert your van for the best value, and with the right parts.


The research has already been done for you on what products will work best for your vehicle and situation. The work has been started, and you haven’t even arrived yet.


While this doesn’t give you an unlimited range of options, it gives you access to products whose value will best suit your needs. Having at your disposal a set list of parts that are proven to be of value, and experts who will do all of the installation work for you, you can rest easy knowing that your pet project is in good hands.


Having a company like VanBuilders upfit your van for you can take away the hassle of self-conversion, and the months of research that come along with it. With partners like Ranger, VanBuilders can create a commercial build that will outlast the van and have the ability to be switched out to the next one. VanBuilders also creates robust recreational builds that will take you in and out of the backcountry more times than you have vacation days.


Taking the easy way out and upfitting the cheapest way possible may not be your best option, it might not last the year. Using reliable products and a company that does the job right will make you appreciate the value of your new upfit.


Trust the process, trust the trial and error that has gone into countless conversions before. The professionals started working in the van upfit business because it is their dream to create the perfect build. Trust them.

VanBuilders van upfit with Ranger products

Work Van With Products That Last

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