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The Best Places to Visit While Road-tripping Utah

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So, you want to test out a camper van and rent one from Warner Vans of Utah, or you already have your own. Now what? You road trip Utah of course.


Utah is known for the Big 5. These are the 5 major National Parks in Utah found in the southern part of the state. Zion, Bryce, Capitol Reef, Canyonlands, and Arches National Parks are amazing places to visit, but if you are doing a road trip, there is a lot of land to cover between each destination.

Warner Van Vanbuilders Rental Camper

Warner Van Rental Camper



If you decide to visit canyonlands and arches, you will be in the Moab area. It is a beautiful location that is growing rapidly due to the spectacular access to outdoor recreation areas. As more people get into hiking, mountain biking, rafting, highlining, and off-roading, the region will become even more accessible for activities.


Every year there are Jeep off-roading events, called the Jeep Safari, Jeep Jamboree, or Jeep Week. 4×4 enthusiasts gather from all over to drive treacherous trails and visit the expo.


A very different kind of sport is growing in Utah as well, with a popular event taking place in the fall. Highlining. Camper vans gather in the red rock country to tune in with nature and walk across lines strung high over canyon floors.


Outside of events, there are countless places to explore in the Moab area. It is known for its canyoneering, hiking, and remote camping locations.


Visit one of the local campgrounds, or take a chance down backroads on BLM land to find a campsite.


BaseCamp 4 Camper van photographed by Branden Michelkamp


Grand-Staircase Escalante


Grand-Staircase Escalante is a National Monument situated just east of Bryce Canyon. If you are traveling from Arches to Bryce, it is a great stop to get out and stretch the legs or take your van for a drive down Hole in The Rock Road.


A couple of great hikes in this area include lower Calf Creek falls and the Zebra slot canyon.

Grand-Staircase is a vast area, so there are countless hikes to explore, not all of them on trail. Always make sure you are prepared if you are doing a hike like this.


Although there are many places to just park your van and sleep for the night in this region, there is also the campgrounds at Calf Creek if you are looking for a developed area near a number of trailheads.


Red Cliffs Recreation Area


Red Cliffs Recreation Area is a small park near Zion that offers great camping and hiking.

The rocks are a stunning red color, and the trails range from difficult to easy. The recreation area also has several camping spots right at the end of the road. Towering cliffs and shady trees surround you as you kick back and enjoy your night.


The area is also known for its inhabitants who wander slowly through the park. Be careful and check for tortoises as you drive down the road to the trailheads.


Leave No Trace


Leave No Trace, or LNT, is always a good topic to cover when discussing camping and hiking in the backcountry. LNT consists of 7 main principles, but beyond that is a mindset that focuses on respect and understanding of the world around you.

Leave No Trace Wilderness Ethics

Leave No Trace Wilderness Ethics


The 7 Principles of LNT

  1. Plan Ahead and Prepare

  2. Travel and Camp on Durable Surfaces

  3. Dispose of Waste Properly

  4. Leave What You Find

  5. Minimize Campfire Impacts

  6. Respect Wildlife

  7. Be Considerate of Other Visitors


These principles are great foundations for how everyone should recreate in the outdoors. It keeps nature pristine, beautiful and healthy. Check out the Leave No Trace center to see what other problems these 7 principles can help solve.


Camper Van Upfitters


If you are looking for a road trip around Utah, or just want a campervan, we at VanBuilders have a few options for you.


VanBuilders has created several builds for rent at Warner Van Rentals, but also can upfit Sprinter and Transit vans into the camper of your dreams.


With a number of standard build options to choose from, and custom work that can be completed, VanBuilders will have you cruising around the southwest in no time.

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