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It’s been a long day exploring the backcountry, and all you want to do is kick up your tired feet and relax. The only issue is you’re 10 miles down a dirt road and a cold wind is starting to blow through your campsite. There is nothing wrong with tent camping but being stuck inside your tent for hours on end if (and when) the weather turns sour can be a pain.

Sprinter Utah Camper Van Rental Designed By Van Builders

Sprinter Utah Rental Designed by VanBuilders


Looking Into Van Upfits


Campervans can turn your long weekend more comfortable, bringing the ease of home into the most remote of places. You don’t have to rough it every time you head outdoors, sometimes having a comfortable bed and a cookstove out of the wind is just what the doctor ordered! And who wouldn’t choose a compostable toilet over a hole in the ground?


With the Van Life movement in full swing, there are innumerable resources on how to build and convert your own mobile home. It can be difficult sorting through all the information to figure out what’s right for you.


You don’t have to just jump onboard the van life train and buy a panel van; you can test the waters first.


With the increasing number of people interested in road-tripping the national parks, many companies out there are renting out full converted vans for you to take on your escapist adventure.

If you’re interested in eventually settling down with your own camper van one day, taking a fully converted van out for a weekend joyride might be a good option for you. Choose a company that has vans that are fully upfit and might fit your needs down the road.

Sprinter Utah Camper Van Rental Designed by VanBuilders

A Beautiful Build For A Weekend Away


Camper Van Rental Companies


If you’re looking to explore Utah, here are some places to check out:


Sprinter Utah, just outside of Salt Lake City, has a line of camper vans for rent, some of which were designed by us here at VanBuilders. They are perfect for Weekend Warrior status, or even longer road trips!


WanderVans offers streamlined builds of multiple sizes. With branches in Utah, Washington, Idaho, and Oregon, you can plan adventures from multiple starting points.


Native Vans is another great option, with trendy builds you might want to copy for your own plans. Based out of Salt Lake City, they’re a great resource for setting up a trip to see the Big Five.

VanBuilders Camper Van

Heading Out to Camp


Want To Own Your Own Camper Van?


If you want to jump right in and start exploring van options, shop around and figure out what best suits you.


After testing the water, VanBuilders can help give you a smooth transition into #vanlife with expert knowledge and robust designs that will be your best friend on any roadtrip.


Getting into the outdoors can be a difficult task if you don’t know what to do, with Google and VanBuilders at your beck and call, we can help you ease into the fresh air.

VanBuilders Camper Van

Out To Lunch With VanBuilders

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