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If you live in Utah, you know you cannot escape the sun. It is relentless, summer or winter, especially when exploring the desert areas in southern Utah. Moab, Grand-Staircase, the Zion area, if you are not careful, you will end up dehydrated and with the ultimate farmer’s tan.

Preparing your van for the sweltering high desert in the summer is all about your needs, comfort level, and how much you love kicking back after a long day of enjoying the outdoors.

Base Camp 4 Sprinter Van Upfit

Brendan Michelkamp Photography, Base Camp 4 Sprinter


Insulated as it is, your van is going to be hot during the day. A strong recommendation is to purchase reflectors to place in your windows while you are out and about during the day. Another general rule of thumb is to spend as little time as you can in your van during the hottest parts of the day.


Most van builds will have roof vents and fans, this is perfect for keeping cool when at night, but adding additional fans to your van that use little power are also great ways to have airflow during hot, summer nights.

MaxxAir Fan for Sprinter Vanbuilders upfit

MaxxFan for Sprinter Camper Van


Install An Awning on Your Van


The best way to kick back during the day when the sun is bright, or if you are trying to cook a meal outside in the shade is an awning. If your van has a roofrack, a compatible awning would be able to attach to it. Without a roof rack, an awning would be able to attach to the van itself.


Awning for a Sprinter VanBuilder Upfit


A roof rack is a great addition when adding an awning. They are often compatible with solar panels and offer great storage space for unwieldy products that you might not want kicking around your van as you drive, such as spare fuel tanks.


If your rack comes with a ladder, or you are a great climber, a rack gives you an excellent vantage point to watch the sunset.


Aluminess Roof Rack on a Sprinter Van


Professional Upfitter Companies Can Build Your Van


Companies like VanBuilders can find the perfect awning to fit your van and install it for you hassle free. Wading through the hundreds of different options on the market can be difficult, but that why you have VanBuilders. A one stop shop to upfit your adventure rig, adding the components you never thought you needed.


Nothing can beat kicking back in a folding chair, your feet up on a cooler, hanging out underneath your awning in the only shade for miles around. Click here to see the brands we rep, what upfits we can install, and message us to ask for pricing.


You want to get out as soon as you can this summer, and we want to help you do it.


Sprinter Van with awning

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