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So, you are looking to upfit a camper van? Starting is the hardest part, what van do I need, what tools, how do I do the electrical? All these big questions may deter you from even beginning. Relying completely on yourself and blogs to build your DIY van is daunting, but that is why there are companies that are here to take the load off your shoulders.


Expertise is one of the key components of what you should look for in a company. Having an upfit company help you with your camper van project can save you a lot of research. Using their expertise from years of experience of trial and error, a good company can help you cut through the clutter.


Screening A Van Conversion Company


When screening a company for a Sprinter van conversion, the salesperson on the other end of the phone should be asking you as many questions as you are asking them. Building a camper van is very different than building anything else, there are innumerable small details that must be taken into account due to the nature of the build. A van is a small space that will be constantly moving down roads, hitting bumps, flexing, shifting, settling. Fitting everything you need into that space, and having it be durable enough to last through wear and tear on the road requires skill and preparation.


When pitching what you want to an upfitter, they very well could tell you that they cannot do something, and then explain why. Of course, a good camper van conversion company will assist you in coming up with alternatives, or workarounds, but the ability for them to not make false promises is already a plus. This might not always be the case, but years of experience will give a company the knowledge of what works best for them, the camper van, and you as the customer.

Working with an established camper van company that has a clue about what they can and cannot do also helps with what comes after the build is complete.


Van conversion companies are popping up all over the country as the desire to spend more time outdoors increases. While many of these companies have great ideas, enthusiasm, and passion for the job, working with a more reputable company might be a better option. A company that has been around for more than a few years most likely will not go out of business suddenly, leaving you in the dark when you have an issue with your van.


It’s More Than Just The Build


Working with more foundational van conversion companies also come with a warranty, like VanBuilders 1-year warranty. These companies will also have owners’ manuals for their products, will be able to give you extensive walk-throughs, and you will be able to return to their shop for repairs.


Well-established companies such as VanBuilders or Outside Vans, will have more clarity on pricing as well. This comes with their expertise. With many builds under their belt, they know what goes into making a van, and how much things will cost. With less trial and error going into the van, you will not be hit with hidden costs.


Details matter when asking a company to convert your Sprinter or Transit into a camper van. A company that is reputable has the experience and background needed to have the base of the build flushed out and can focus on the small details that make a van more fluid and functional. This will stand out most when you are out on the road or camping in the backcountry. Not having you wish there is something else needed to make your van more homey is the goal for a camper van conversion and upfit company.


Even if there is some added component you need, like a heater, roof rack, or suspension, some companies like VanBuilders can do that for you even after the fact. Aftermarket accessories are not done by every company, so having a van upfitter like VanBuilders can give you peace of mind knowing that they are a one stop shop.


Companies with a high reputation and lots of experience also have knowledge of the best materials. They have chosen their kits for a reason because they work well with your van, they are durable products, and the camper van upfitter trusts them after years of using those products. Not having to worry about selecting the right materials out of hundreds of options is a weight off your shoulders as the customer.


Camper Van Conversion Checklist


Figuring out whether or not to use a company is the first step in the battle. Figuring out how to choose the company is the next.

  • Experience Matters

  • Ask for References

  • Pay Attention to Details

  • Ask for their input, and ask why

  • Communication is King

Choosing a van conversion company starts with doing your research, but it also starts with a conversation. Call a company and speak with them, building a camper van can be a long process, and that is beneficial to you as it is a big investment. Working out all of the kinks in the design and dialing things in just how you want them is why the process can take so long.


Trust established dealers like VanBuilders to walk you through this exciting process as you convert your Sprinter or Transit into a camper van.


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