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Adopt a Native Elder

VanBuilders Partnership

Van Builders is a proud partner of the non-profit Adopt a Native Elder (ANE). Each full camper conversion or ProBuild that we sell will come equipped with a unique and traditional rug woven by a Navajo Elder purchased through the ANE program. 100% of the proceeds from the rugs purchase go directly back to the Elder who created the rug. VanBuilders will also donate a yarn bundle back to that Elder so that they can continue to weave and carry on their traditional way of life.

How You Can Help

When you adopt an Elder, you commit to providing your Elder with two sets of Rainbow Food boxes annually. A.N.E. provides and delivers the food. The cost is $125 per set (one set of Rainbow Food boxes for the spring Food Run and one set of Rainbow Food boxes for the fall Food Run), $250 total. Note: If your Elder lives in one of the designated areas near a Basha’s grocery store, your $250 adoption donation will provide your Elder a $125 Food Certificate in the spring and a $125 Food Certificate in the fall.

While adoption does not necessarily mean a lifelong commitment, friendships that last a lifetime may develop between the Elders and people who adopt them. Some sponsors choose to visit their Elders at the Food Runs. Others correspond through letters.

Adopt A Native Elder

Unity & Mutual Respect

These values are ingrained in our culture.  These personal traits and chosen behaviors maintain the core on which we build and team for production tasks.  All efforts are focused on builds that meet customer goals and expectations.  As new technologies emerge, we are united in expanding our capabilities and value-added services to our customers. 

Our production team members come from varied disciplines including electrical, welding, cabinetry, HVAC, Plumbing, systems integration, Certified Technicians and Master Technicians. Mutual respect for one another means that we are open to listening to suggestions and ideas and working together to find a new and improved approach.  We take and respect feedback.  Everyone has an equal voice to improve the policies and procedures we use to consistently produce our Builds.

Communication & Relationships

We pride ourselves in our communication. We listen to our customers, their needs, and their vision and make sure we understand what they want before we get started. While we may not be able to foresee hiccups in the production process, we make sure our customers are informed of production progress, unforeseen challenges and provide picture updates of the build-in-process. We are happy to answer any of their questions along the way and measured the relationships of our customers by repeat business, referrals or praiseworthy customer surveys.